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Stockpile inventory management can often be a frustrating process. Prioria’s UAV’s can be used to accurately estimate volumes in a safe and inexpensive manner. Our certified operators will travel to your location in the Southeast US with all necessary equipment, fly your site in under an hour, process your imagery in-house, and provide accurate volume calculations within just a day or two. We can also provide you the actual imagery of your site. Available renderings include orthomosaics, DSMs, DEMs, and more.

Let us come out today to show you just how accurate and convenient UAV volume calculations can be.

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What We Offer

  • Full turn-key solution
  • MSHA-certified personnel
  • Quick deliverable turnaround
  • Experienced UAV manufacturer/service provider
  • Available renderings include volume calculations, orthomosaics, DSMs, DEMs, contours, and more


  • Up to 1.4 cm Ground Sampling Distance
  • Under 4 cm Vertical Accuracy


  • One or two foot intervals
  • Delivered in DXF format
  • For input into AutoCAD or other software
    *Prioria Robotics, Inc. is not a licensed surveying and mapping business. Surveying and Mapping services will be performed by a licensed Surveyor and Mapper as required by Florida law.

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