About Prioria Robotics, INC

Prioria was founded in March 2003 by business and engineering graduates from the University of Florida. Drawing from expertise in embedded systems and robotics design, Prioria first developed and contributed to embedded systems solutions for companies in a variety of industry segments including medical devices, homeland security and trucking.

Since then, much of Prioria’s work has been focused on leading-edge systems designed to perform sophisticated surveillance or security tasks. These embedded systems are small self-contained computer systems that add data processing functionality, which allow sensor data to be collected, synthesized and utilized in new and interesting ways.

Prioria Robotics, Inc. is a Gainesville, Florida based company dedicated to making Unmanned Aircraft Systems smarter. Prioria’s products include Maveric® unmanned aircraft system (UAS), as well as other unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platforms and components.


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