Let us be your UAS partner every step of the way

Traditional spatial data collection methods
are expensive, potentially dangerous, and time consuming. Using UAS to collect this data allows you to employ fewer service providers, schedule less downtime, and collect data more frequently. When you own and operate your own UAS, you can image the same area multiple times in a single day, increasing your ability to detect even the slightest changes. Prioria can also image your site for you, bringing our own equipment and UAV-certified operators.


  • Chlorophyll levels
  • Plant stress and health
  • Fertilizer optimization
  • Nitrogen management solutions
  • Insect and pest plant diagnostics
  • Plant disease diagnosis
  • Forest analysis
  • Plant identification
  • Turf management for golf courses
  • Develop farm, cultivation, pruning, and harvest plans
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      *Prioria Robotics, Inc. is not a licensed surveying and mapping business. Surveying and Mapping services will be performed by a licensed Surveyor and Mapper as required by Florida law.