Dimensions (Assembled) 8.5 ft. / 3.8 ft.
Wing disassembles for storage
Ready-to-Fly Weight (no payload) 13 lbs. fully equipped [1]
12 lbs. minimally equipped [2]
Max Payload Volume 5.5 liters while fully equipped
Max Payload Weight (while fully-equipped; add 1 pound if minimally equipped) 2 lbs. (max flat-land hand-launch)
3 lbs. (max elevated-ground hand-launch)
4 lbs. (max catapult-launch, estimated)
Communications LOS: MANET radio (NSA Suite-B encrypted)
BLOS: SATCOM (optional)
LR: LOS range extension to > 30 km (optional)
Endurance 90 min @ max catapult weight (est.)
100 min @ max hand-launch weight (est.)
120 min @ minimally equipped / 2 lbs. payload
180 min @ minimally equipped / no payload
Deployment Options (at takeoff weight) Hand launch @ 16 lbs. (demonstrated)
Catapult launch @ 17 lbs. (estimated max)

[1] “Fully-Equipped” includes BLOS + LR comm options and structurally integrated ducting for air-sampling
[2] “Minimally-Equipped” includes only LOS radio


The Leviathan™ is a fully autonomous small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) with an industry-leading payload capacity and endurance. With an open-architecture flight control system, spacious payload bay, and included GCS software, Leviathan is the premier platform for developing sensors, data processing and autonomy technology. These open-architecture elements support 3rd party payload and autonomy development.

The Leviathan is the smallest sUAS on the market that is hand-launchable with both beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) communications and structurally-integrated air sampling hardware. The aircraft has an industry-leading hand-launch maximum takeoff weight and payload volume, reducing the miniaturization requirements for low-TRL sensors. Leviathan supports catapult-launch and has a short development path to high-altitude deployment.



  • Hand launch vehicle with large payload, 2+ lbs
  • Long endurance, up to 3 hours
  • Rugged, modular design
  • Rapid fielding, field-reconfigurable, transportable
  • Modular interchangeable payloads
  • Near silent operation
  • Dual communications, encryption available
  • Standardized interfaces for custom payloads


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