Prioria Robotics is a developer of small unmanned aerial vehicle systems and related technologies, most notably the Maveric, a breakthrough composite carbon fiber UAV. We continue to innovate through the development of new products and the underlying embedded technologies that power them, and we seek to drive forward a vision that a smarter system is more useful, more efficient, and most importantly, makes our customers’ lives easier. We are proud to deliver high-tech products and services to civilian and commercial markets and to our nation’s military.


Inspired by the history of Silicon Valley, and the dot-com boom of the early 90s, Prioria was founded in 2003 by a group of ambitious University of Florida graduates, with the original goal of revolutionizing the robotic toy market and ushering in the robotics age.

In 2008, Prioria launched the Maveric UAS, whose unique attributes also owe their development to our collaborative approach which has allowed us to make incremental improvements in performance, capability, endurance and survivability. Prioria has worked closely with US and allied militaries to identify deficiencies in current UAV systems, and to develop solutions to high priority issues. This interaction has proven vital to the success of Maveric. It has allowed Prioria to create the smallest UAS with a gimbaled camera, which comes completely assembled, and is made of advanced composite materials for durability.

In 2012, the FAA began to open public airspace for unmanned system operation. Prioria began aggressively pursuing commercial applications and leveraging our capabilities into that emerging marketplace. Prioria has introduced alternative Maveric versions and other UAS offerings specifically dedicated to providing solutions to these growing markets.

Prioria also provides engineering solutions for industrial and ground robotics, medical device manufacturers, homeland security applications and other cutting edge commercial products. Prioria utilizes the underlying technologies and components of its unmanned systems to provide solutions to an assortment of other complimentary markets.


Prioria’s vision is to be a world leader in providing small, smart unmanned vehicle systems and related technologies for an increasingly automated world. Smart systems provide an intuitive and seamless user experience through intelligent design, integrated technologies, and clever automation that makes our customers’ lives easier.

Our name says it all: a priori – existing in the mind prior to an experience – intuition.

That intuition is the foundation of our company, whether it is in the way we engineer or how we build the business. We know that as we accomplish our mission to solve critical problems for our customers, we make the world a better place while building value in our organization.


Prioria’s mission is to employ embedded technologies to create differentiated products, while leveraging our team of experts to deliver an unmatched intuitive user experience.